Gearing up for Arizona Fall

There is so much to love about Fall in Arizona: cooler weather, fun outdoor activities, cozy clothing, and delicious food! 

Arizona Seasonal Produce

Fresh is best! That's why at EAT we use produce at the peak of their season! We love eating in season because it supports your body’s natural nutritional needs, tastes better, and is better for the environment!

Arizona Fall Produce

Fall Fruits

- Apples

- Guava

- Pears

- Figs

- Dates

- Persimmons

- Grapes

- Pomegranate

- Cranberries

- Quinces

Arizona Fall Produce   Arizona Fall Produce

Fall Vegetables

- Beets

- Brussel Sprouts

- Carrots

- Cauliflower

- Corn

- Eggplant

- Green Beans

- Kale

- Onions

- Potatoes

- Spinach