Why You Should Eat 

Fermented Foods

Fermented Foods


Improves Digestion

Because the bacteria predigests the food, the resulting product is easier to digest. If you have trouble digesting raw fruits and vegetables, fermentation may be helpful for you! Improving digestion improves all aspects of your health.



Fermented foods have more nutrients

The bacteria in fermented foods produce more vitamins and nutrients as they digest the starches and sugars. They particularly produce B vitamins and vitamin K2.



Full of good bacteria (probiotics)

The health of your gut depends on the number of good bacteria, known as probiotics, inside of it. Probiotics are found naturally in your gut; however, the number of good bacteria versus bad bacteria in your gut can often get out of balance.


Research has shown that 16 ounces of raw fermented sauerkraut have approximately the equivalent to (8) 100-count b